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Hearing Aid Fitting
Real Ear Measurement

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Hearing Aid Fitting

At Alison Burks Clinic of Hearing, Inc., our team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive hearing aid fitting and programming experience. During your appointment, our experts will meticulously calibrate your devices, taking into account your unique needs and preferences. We greatly value your feedback, as it helps us tailor the performance of your hearing aids to ensure optimal satisfaction.

From day one, we equip you with the necessary information and tools to effectively use your new devices. Our professionals will guide you through the proper cleaning and care practices, teach you how to replace batteries, and provide instructions on storing your hearing aids securely.

Getting the most out of your investment requires appropriate fitting and adjustments. It may take some time to adapt to the way the world sounds with your hearing aids, so we encourage a gradual approach. Our team, alongside our professional recommendations, emphasizes the importance of your patience and persistence in fully utilizing the potential of your devices. Once you become acclimated to your improved hearing experience, you’ll wonder why you didn’t visit us sooner!

Many individuals who use hearing aids describe them as one of the best investments they’ve ever made. At Alison Burks Clinic of Hearing, Inc., we are committed to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction by helping you take full advantage of all the benefits your device has to offer.

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Real Ear Measurement

Real ear measurements, also known as probe microphone measurements, are considered the gold standard for assessing the precise amplification required at each frequency for individuals with hearing loss who use hearing aids. By utilizing real ear measurements, users can achieve optimal improvements in their hearing capabilities.

Since the severity and types of hearing loss vary from person to person, it is not always feasible to achieve a 100% improvement. Nevertheless, real ear measurements can significantly enhance hearing outcomes by maximizing the effectiveness of amplification.

During the measurement process, the output in the ear canal is simultaneously evaluated to determine the level of amplification provided by the hearing aid. This information is crucial in determining the most effective and personalized solution for the individual.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that fittings based on real ear measurements lead to superior outcomes and improved hearing benefits, especially in both quiet and noisy environments. However, it is important to note that not all hearing specialists offer real ear measurement services.

At Alison Burks Clinic of Hearing Inc., we take pride in providing real ear measurement services to our patients. This ensures that we can accurately determine the most suitable and effective solution tailored to your specific needs and preferences.